From no significance to great significance

 She was a nobody and then one day she became a somebody. She would sing in the shower to herself, now she sings on stage to thousands.  No one noticed, now everyone stares. What caused the change in perspective? 

They were just slippers, now they are a prized possession. I’ve never owned slippers, now I like to wear them. What changed that reality?  

 But isn’t she still the same person inside as she was when she would sing in the shower when no one knew her? Doesn’t she have the same insecurities, idiosyncrasies, desires, likes and dislikes?

 If I wear them wont they gradually get old and come to the point where I need to throw them away? Aren’t they just slippers? No they are much more than that!

 Isn’t she just the girl from next door? The girl we went to school with. Now like a ‘goddess’ she is ‘worshipped’ by thousands.

 So what caused the slippers and the girl to go from no significance to great significance? Did the slippers and the girl change or was it I who put the importance on them? She will return to the dust, the slippers will disintegrate. Both will return to their former state, no significance, but not for me, whilst I still breath, they will always have significance. The slippers were Mike’s, the girl was a family friend. He wore them. She sat at my kitchen table and played board games with me.

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