Bubble or a Building…..’puffed up’ or ‘built up’

Puffing up or Building up!

This year is Kathy & mine 25th wedding anniversary and I am in my 50th year. As we have tried over the past 18 months to make sense of Mike’s death, I have underlined my belief that as I get older I have more questions than answers. But there are plenty of people who have the answers for me!

And so I come to a little question for myself, am I puffed up or do I build up? Am I a bubble or a building?  What if the knowledge I have is wrong? What if that knowledge doesnt benefit me or others? Even worse, what if that knowledge makes me proud and haughty? What if my knowledge makes me so puffed up I spew out arrogance?

What helped me so much this past 18 months was not those who had answers, but those who showed love, those who edified, those who build up, those who helped me stand. Their character had been built up where they did not need to feel value from having all the answers, but in showing love. Its those people I need and want on my journey. I hope I too can be a building for others and not a bubble!

One Response to Bubble or a Building…..’puffed up’ or ‘built up’

  1. Ben Forward says:

    A very valid question for all of us. I too have asked this question of myself as I have just started blogging. “Do I have anything to offer or will I just be proving my ignorance?” Mark, I greatly admire both of you. You have always given great advice and not been afraid of the hard issues. Thank you!

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