No longer a citizen of two realms

It struck me this morning that Mike is no longer a citizen of two realms, the physical and the spiritual. Of course I know that with my head. Can a Christian go to Hell? Once we are saved are we always saved? These are some of the questions I am discussing these days and they relate to the physical realm.

Paul talks much about our salvation and its very good to look at this area. We are “saved” from something, so if we are being swept along a river, we may be saved out of the river onto the bank. You are not saved if you are back in the river! I wish we would not use the word “Christian” as freely as we do, its actually not a very helpful term these days as it means many things to many people. We are “saved to serve”. People who are “saved” are those who by their lifestyles “walk with God”, they are obedient to the word, they have left the former things, they dont behave as the “unsaved”.  People ask me “is he/she a christian”? I know what they mean but I find it an incomplete question. Jesus talked so much about the heart, the motives, the inner person. We look on the outer and judge. This is why Jesus said, “You will say LORD LORD, did I not do this in your name”, and he will say “I never knew you, depart from me”.

Hey lets also be realistic that citizens of earth, who love and follow Jesus, who walk too close to the bank, can slip in again, but they quickly get out, get forgiveness and keep active friendship with Father God.

Mikes salvation is complete! He no longer has to battle dual citizenship and the struggle Paul describes “oh the very thing I want to do, I do not, and the thing I do not want to do I do”!!! Our armed forces “live to serve our Majesty”, we too must live in the physical realm but we use its resources to serve the Kingdom. When we do this, questions about can Christians go to hell and are we permanently saved, are non questions!

Dual Citizenship

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