Coincedence or Godincedence

Kathy and I were at a garden centre last Tuesday and whilst paying the young man my phone rang. It was John telling me we were going out at 19:30 for an Indian meal with our Bible Study Group. I discovered later that the young mans parents were also going out at around that time for an Indian meal. I said to him, “well you have given me something, let me give you something” and passed him my Father’s Love Tract.

 We arrived at the Indian restaurant and met several friends from our home group; there was also another couple our friends s&J had brought along.

This past weekend our girls took us away on a surprise 25th wedding anniversary and to our surprise s&j were there with several others. s&j had forgotten about the weekend and at the last minute had to dive in the car and race up to Scotland. On the way they realized they were to have supper with the couple they brought to the Indian restaurant. They phoned but could only leave a message on the answer phone.

When they came back to Carlisle on Monday they phoned and apologized and explained who we were and the surprise weekend. The couple then said “Oh my gosh, its now all coming together”. They had left for the Indian Restaurant on Tuesday before their son, Russell arrived home from the garden centre. He told them later about the tract but I do not think he showed them, other wise they may have recognized me. They wondered why I had given the tract to their son. So here I am giving a tract to a boy of 22 and unbeknown to us are out at a meal with his parents in the evening and our friends had to cancel a meal with them a few days later to be with us for the weekend. This is such a “Godincedence” and makes us all want to talk and reflect and express a “wow”!

Every time I pass this leaflet out I pray over it and ask the LORD to bless it and use it………God is telling us He loves us and I hope Russell realizes God is telling him with this “Godincedence” He loves him.

I so love my Father and thank Him for His love to me. In the moments that I found Mike dead, I stamped my feet and said to God, there better be eternal fruit from this or I am pissed off. I pray that Russell and his parents and all of you reading know the Father’s love. Just natter to Him like you would to me!


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