No need for the 4th Present

I had already purchased 3 valentines gifts for Kathy and the girls but still had to get cards and wrapping paper. As I walked from the car to the shops it hit me that I was not able to buy Mike a valentines present this year. As I thought back, he had been included every year and I enjoyed telling him I loved him as much as the women in the house.

The empty place

 I wonder today what he thought of getting a valentines card and present from dad! Some years I put in more effort than others, but one of my favorite recollections was when the kids were small. I brought a huge white gorilla holding a heart saying “I love you”, for Kathy. I walked into the bedroom to kind Mike had climbed into the arms of the gorilla.

Mike and Valentine Gorilla.

So it is with sadness and joy I set the table this morning, knowing that the girls will come down and find a present each and a special card. I thank God again for all the happy memories of the valentines days I was able to tell Mike I loved him heaps and I cherish each day I can not only tell Kathy, Akila and Laura   I love them but find ways to show that.


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