Laura follows in Mike’s footsteps

Laura, for some reason thought at the time that Mike working at McDonald’s was a bit of a “sad” job.

Mike in his McDonald's uniform

The day before his interview, we had been travelling in the car and I was taking him through interview techniques and the type of questions they may ask. My main point to him was to get talking as soon as you can about your experience the past 6 months on Logos II and the work you did. We had prepared an awesome port folio of the ship and a letter from the Captain. Well he was offered a job on the spot and we were totally proud of him knowing how hard it would have been for him to go through that process.

Laura is desperate for money as she wants to be at her “guy friend’s” prom in America in a couple of months. Like all of us, she has to live with realities and so she started to look for work. It brought back tiresome memories for me of my work with Mike as I sat there with her filling in the long physiological application form that McDonald’s have on the internet.

Laura was thrilled to be asked for an interview and then be told a couple of days later she had the job. I said to her, “no pressure but your brother went to his first job interview and got offered a job on the spot, lets see how you do!” We laughed as she is the most vivacious personality and her brother ultra introvert.

Well you can see by the photo, yesterday was her first day on the job.

Laura's first day at McDonald's

At first I wondered whether I would have emotional issues with her working there. We have two McDonald’s in Carlisle and although she applied to both, she is working at the opposite one to Mike in the north of the city. In fact I think it is a wonderful compliment to her brother that she has followed in his steps. I love my buddy so much and how proud I was of him for daily getting up at 06:15 by himself and unloading the truck at 07:00.


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