What we do will never satisfy or be sufficient

The Fathers Love is so wonderful. When Adam and Eve ate from he fruit they saw their nakedness and were ashamed. You and I know both about shame. So often its not the sin we have a problem with, that’s dealt with when we confess, its the big brothers of guilt and shame, especially shame. We so dont want others to know some of the failures in our lives and its so shameful when those failures come out into the open.

God had to serve justice and send them out of the garden. He knew their shameful condition and must have smiled at the little leaves they had tried to use to cover themselves. We try all sorts of ways to cover ourselves but we will never be satisfied and it will never be sufficient.

The Father love is a love of action, its not just words. His love not only sent Jesus but he killed an animal and he clothed them before sending them out of the garden. Justice, Mercy, Grace and Love.

I so want to ware his clothes not the ones of the flesh. I dont like getting naked and so try at times to stuff  His clothes over the top of mine! Doesnt work, the behaviour still pops its head out. I think I’ll find a safe place to get naked!!!

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