Wow, Signs, Wonders, Miracles, Salvation…………My India Trip

I could just say go and read the book of ACTS and that is all that took place in India. Emmanuel – God with us. That was certainly true. The Holy Spirit, who came to earth when Christ went to heaven, to complete the commission of Jesus here on earth until He returns, He, the Holy Spirit of God was so Emmanuel! The highlight for me had to be Ram coming to a faith in Jesus.

Ram, a Dalit boy in an Indian Village

After visiting one of the Good Shepherd Schools, (the ones OM has set up) we went to a village 8-10 miles from the school. There are no roads into the village, just dirt tracks and the kids either walk or ride a bike to school every day. There is a fledgling church there and several of the women and children in the village gathered to meet us and come for prayer.

Village Meeting

I saw a group of boys standing at a distance the whole time and watching and listening to Pastor Peter speak. As we closed and the team were praying for people I went over to the group. I singled out on boy, may be because he looked about Mike’s age. One of the OMers who is a teacher at the school translated for me. I shared about my only son dying and about God’s only son also dying. What a joy to see tears in Ram’s eyes and for him to kneel with me and pray to come into a relationship with Jesus. I was so proud of Ram as in India, especially in a small village,  Hinduism or Islam is a way of life and to walk with Jesus comes at a cost. We as a team prayed with a good number of people during the week and I would say they made another step in their journey to know God but Ram made all the steps. He asked the local pastor who works as a teacher at the school if he could have a portion of scripture. I gave a big fatherly hug to Ram. These are the untouchable people in India. The higher caste would be offended if an untouchables shadow came across them and here was I hugging Ram. We will never know the power that we can have by physical touch to these lovely people. I will continue to pray for Ram, its not important whether he is a “Christian”, what is important is that he is a disciple, a follow of Jesus.

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