Like father like son

Today I will be going into a prison for 1400 men in a town they refer to in Hindi as “Criminal Town”. Not becasue of the jail but because many people carry guns. Oh well I supose this is when I get spiritual and say “mines bigger than yours, I have a sord”!  Unfortunately only two of us can go in there and so it will be Pastor P and me. These are the times you feel so inadequate. I smile as this is an email Mike sent when he was on Logos II.

Hi guys,
This is my last week in Bermuda, we leave for the Bahamas on Thursday and it’s a 4 day voyage. I haven’t managed to get off the ship alot this time, mainly because I only have sunday’s off, The chief mate of the ship said he would try and arrange it where i can have at least 1 day off per week but then he left, so i’m rather stuck at the moment but i guess that’s life. I’ve sent you guys postcards (that would be my parents and Luke for the yp’s) so you guys should be getting them soon, they are currently in Germany and waiting to get sent to England unless you guys have them already ha-ha. 
   This afternoon (Sunday) I went to a prison where I spoke to the guys who are in jail about our Lord Jesus Christ, We sang some hymes and me and some of the ships people who came with me, we did a drama and spoke out testimonies. It was a new experience for me, i’ve never been inside a prison before. The prisoners were quite nice, I shook some of the prisoners hands, I was quite blown away by how nice and well behaved they where, in a prison you’d kinda think it was the opposite, but then again I guess that is what prison does to you. The prison was quite big there we’re so many cage doors everywhere, Almost every corridor you entered had a cage door to enter and to exit.
  I was also blown away at their faith in christ, They have a pastor that comes and leads them in a church service twice a week, it’s just over time that they have really welcomed Christ into the prison, if you met one of the prisoners you wouldn’t think for one second that he was a prisoner just at how nice they were, they were just like ordinary people. I was quite nervice when i came, I wasn’t really looking forward to meeting guys who have done bad things, even horrible things and meeting guys who come from bad nabourhoods and bad cultures, at the time i kinda though to myself that i’d rather wait in the lobby haha but after meeting them it wasn’t bad at all i think it was a wonderful experience.
Anyways so yea the ship leaves for the bahamas on Thursday and we stay there for about 2-3 weeks maybe longer before heading out to the cayman islands and that’s pretty much it for now. i hope to talk again in a week or so.
Thanx for all you prayers God Bless xx


"There's an officer on deck!"

2 Responses to Like father like son

  1. akilaknight says:

    Haha… I remember that email. He was certainly exposed and opened up to a number of things during his time on the ship wasn’t he. well… im praying for your time in prison 😛 expect great things and i look forward to hearing how it went. i really do think they should let the whole team in there… imagine what chaos you’d all create 😛 but then again… you do have God with you so i’m sure you three can create revival without the rest of the team 😀 stay safe! if anyone attacks you just pull out your sword! you never know what they’ll see from the supernatural! 😀

  2. Laurie Ruwe says:

    Lovely post. Thanks.

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