Sad Memories for The Father

When Adam and Eve had to leave the garden, to leave the presence of God, I think the Father had many tears in His eyes that day. I dont think the Fathers walks in the cool of the day were ever the same again. When He looked at that tree He and Adam had planted, when he looked at that particular spot where He and Adam had thrown stones in the river, that place where He and Eve had an awesome chat.

The Fathers love is deep, that relationship with Adam and Eve was perfect in every way. As dad I know my flaws, my failure and my short comings and so do my kids. They miss out on the totality of Fatherhood because of those flaws in me. 

The father had no option but to administer justice as a result of Adam & Eve’s disobedience but I wonder if it was on one of those walks, with the absence of his loved ones, with a heart so full of love that His mercy poured out and His plan for the cross of His Son came to be! (Dont tell me my theology is up the creek, Im enjoying myself here!)

As a dad who has lost a son, I too take walks and have bitter sweet memories of Mike. As I study God’s Word more and more, especially with the “new lenses” I have, I see the Fathers love, His pain, His aspirations for His Children, His tears and His Joy, in places I had never thought of before.

God made us in His image. Not from the design of something He had conjured up, not a walking tree or some animal, but in the very likeness of Himself. There is something so special about us, our worth to Him, our value to Him that to restore those walks in the garden with us, He sent His only Son to die for us!

Fathers Love

One Response to Sad Memories for The Father

  1. Maya Cantimbuhan says:

    Hi Mark,
    I can feel every word you wrote here. I am deeply touched, I have never really experienced the love of a human paternal father and Mike was really blessed to have yours. I had been praying for you and your family.

    Maya (BookEx, Doulos 98-00)

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