What Clothes should we bury him in?

Kathy and I often will say to each other “its all so bizarre”. We still have to pinch ourselves that August the 1st actually happened. There are many aspects of the whole event that continue to take time to process.

Sam Curry the undertaker is the brother of our friend Ian Curry who we have worked with for 2o years plus. Sam talked with such love, care and dignity when he refered to Mike. He would say “Mike has come into my care”.

Sam had to talk through many aspects of the funeral with us. One of those was what clothes would we like Mike to be buried in. What a bizarre question. How many of us think about that? I expect my family will bury me in my red Hawaiian shirt! In fact, Kathy had already thought of that and had prepared them. For centuries mothers, wifes and daughters have prepared burial clothes. Its not something a man thinks too much about. I remember in my sub-conscious seeing Kathy polish Mikes shoes, find a nice shirt and trousers and put his glasses with them. She prepared them with such love. Although in the latter part of Mike’s life he and I would go shopping for his clothes, most of his life his mum did that. What a painful but loving act to provide his clothes that one last time.

When Adam and Eve eat from the fruit and discovered their nakedness, before God sent them on their journey out of the garden, he too clothed them. He know what it is like to cloth loved ones before sending them out of his presence.

The shirt Kathy choose one last time for Mike

2 Responses to What Clothes should we bury him in?

  1. Kierin Betts says:

    Such a deep deep love, and just so precious.

  2. Jenny Jensen says:

    Well Mike I feel your pain. However, my boy got to choose his own right down to his jocks which had to be the red and grey ones as they looked best. Which 24 year old should ever have to make choices like that. Not that he had to….he wanted to. We also had the privilege of washing and caring for him ourselves and keeping him in our home until we handed him over to our Lords care.

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