Leaving Mike Behind

A natural question to us as a family is whether or not we are moving to Australia. Its been 26 years since Kathy left Australia. Having just turned 50, this would be a good time to move and still give opportunity for continuation in our careers or ministry. Akila has just finished her degree, Laura has completed her GCSE’s (on opening the envelope of the results yesterday she discovered to more A’s not B’s which she had been told!). Was that a part of this trip?

A huge issue for Kathy & I at this stage is one that most people over look. It is so hard to think of leaving Mike behind. That is an emotional hurdle not a practical one, which makes it more complex and harder to deal with. We have come a long way but we still have a ways to go. Whilst we know the reality of where Mike is or is not, whilst we would be the first to say that what is in the ground is his decaying body and the head stone is just a piece of granite, we are close and surrounded by memories, beautiful ones.

Kathy and I walked through our park yesterday chatting and mulling over issues. We often use the term “up-rooted” for a dramatic move in someone’s life. When you have a small plant and the root system is small, that is a fairly easy endeavour and more often than not, the plant survives in the “replanting”. A large well established tree is not “up-rooted” and replanted, a cutting is taken and grafted onto another tree. Yes there are some plants that a cutting is taken and it is placed in water for it to reproduce its own root system before being planted.

Last winter and early spring I drastically pruned two of our larger trees as well as shrubs along a border. Its amazing to watch the Oak tree, with large solid branches produce tiny buds and through the summer grow into small branches and develop leaf’s. God has designed a natural order for fruit trees to be pruned in order for more fruit to come. Our prayer and plea with God though Mikes death has been that there is much eternal fruit.

The train is already further down the track and distance between where we were this time last year and today is significant. We continue to wait on the LORD, (in the starting blocks waiting for the gun not lounging around on the couch!), process, seek advice from others and heal. When we no longer view our reality as “leaving Mike behind”, when we shift our emotions to focusing that “Mike has gone on ahead”, then as our friend Barry Kissel once said to us, “the next thing is the natural thing”. 

Sunset in Brisbane

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