Festooned with love

I feel so festooned with love by my Father, my Family and my Friends. When a small team of us went into Hindu villages in both Sri Lanka and India, what kindness was lavished upon us with garlands of flowers placed around our necks. Festooned is a great word which to me represents more than a design of a flower bunch but exuberant, over the top kindness.

In the days following Mike’s death, the door bell would ring several times a day and often it was Interflora with extravagant flower arrangements. 

Garlands of Love

The lounge room was soon so full we spilled over into the kitchen, then the hall and on up into our bedroom. The strong scented aroma throughout the house was beautiful. We were surrounded by festooned love. Single acts of thoughtful love that became synergistically atomic.

Can you believe the girls had me crying on the plane at the love expressed to me for my 50th.

50th at 37,000 feet.

Typical Kathy had not only brought fine glasses to drink from but a selection of my favorite cheese and cheese cake. And so with the party table set, I opened my present from the girls to find a book containing family photos with notes, comments and explicit communication of love from the girls to me for memories and characteristics they like in me!

Words are limiting to communicate the festooned love I experienced yesterday afternoon by family and friends for a surprise party here in Brisbane. 

Surprise 50th Party

 Festooned love is so pleasant to be the recipient of. My Father has blessed me with an exuberant wife, awesome family, and friends that should really be refered to as family!

Psalm 149 God delights in his people, festoons plain folk with salvation garlands!


One Response to Festooned with love

  1. steve packwood says:

    awesome mate. You deserve the love. Glad you are feeling blessed. Saw Akila’s Facebook update yesterday and sounds like you guys are having a blast. Make the most of it.

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