What a blessing!

My lovely women!

We head off today for several weeks in Australia. What a riot that we leave on 22nd and arrive on 24th, my 50th is on 23rd so spent the entire time at 33,000, with the girls stapped into seats so they have to be with me the whole of my B’day! Lets see if we can get some of the other passangers in the party mood!

Nick too celebrated his 50th this week and what a joy to meet up with Scott after 26 years! We all have given up 6 packs because we decided to have the whole barrel!

Scott, Graham, Nick, Mark

Scott is a professor of wine, Graham a Maritime Officer, Nick a successful stock broker and then me!

ALthough I am less emotional about Mike, I find tears welling up about going to Australia without him and so will pop by myself to his grave to say bye. Its a silly thing but it does feel very strange he is not with us on this trip. The girls arrived back from Holland on Friday and have been washing and packing since. I put out Mike’s boggie board thinking that the girls would want to surf with it but they dont. I am sad but it would only be for nostalgia and a pain to carry.

I am a blessed man and thank God for my family and you all my friends. You all mean so much to me. It blows me away at the love you all show. I have some very thoughtful cards, people dropping off Champagne and TXT’s etc. It means a lot to me, Thank-you.


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