You helped me bury my buddy

Was yesterday the final “1 year ago today”, I think so but then again this journey has lots of surprises. Its so surreal to realise that on the 12th we put my buddy in a hole and walked away. One of the most horrible activities any person can do. But I didn’t want to focus on that side yesterday. The girls tried counting people in photos of that time at the crematorium. They got to 200 and gave up. We as a family send a very big thank-you to you all for helping us on that day. Many of you were not there physically but watched on the internet or where there in prayer.

Thanks for walking the journey

This past year we as a family have so appreciated our friends who have walked with us along the journey. One piece of advice I gave to my mate Dave when his beautiful wife Linda went to join Mike was ‘dont go it alone”. I had the privilege to be in Finland in July. That country is covered in pine trees and one day I watched a tractor with well designed equipment not only cutting the trees but processing them into logs. Pine trees grow very close together and use each other for protection and help when a storm comes. If a pine tree is out by itself, due to the shallowness of its roots and type of soft wood, it is likely to be up rooted if a storm appears. Pine trees grow together.

Thank-you to all you friends and family who allowed me to lean on you when this storm hit. One of the most precious memories on that day was carrying the coffin with my brother Chris the opposite side. Sam, the funeral director told us to put the hand on the others shoulders. I couldnt reach Chris like that so we put our arms around each others waist. Wow was that such a comfort at the hardest time. 

Leaning on friends


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