A Grace Disguised - J Sittser

I have mentioned before some of the books that have been very helpful over this past year. ‘A grace disguised’ by Jerry Sittser is in my top two. I have had to by 3 copies as I keep giving them away! Im now reading this for the 3rd time also and he had a quote in there this morning that is so thought-provoking. “The person who has forgiven, lets God run the Universe”. They let God administer justice and distribute mercy at his will. Akila had to forgive God for taking Mike. I have had to forgive people in work. The consequences of some actions are so devastating. What makes it more painful is when there is no justice here on earth. Sittser lost his wife, mother and daughter to a drunk driver who on a technicality was not prosecuted. The vengence and anger whilst natural was going to destroy what he had left.


One Response to Forgivness

  1. Barby says:

    Hi Mark,
    I read that book a few months before your tragedy, when another close family to us suffered the kidnap and murder of their college age daughter (a friend of our girls). What an amazing book – so glad you have been blessed by it.
    I think that ANYONE will be blessed by reading the book, however… it is incredibly enlightening.
    We love you guys so much… your prayers for our family when we were both struggling with certain parenting issues meant the world. We need to catch up – those prayers have been answered in a wonderful way. Thanks for your love and support 🙂
    Barby and Peter

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