Getting all worked up……………

Can you relate to times where you get all worked up about something that is as yet not a reality in the physical but is conjured up in your mind and becomes an issue that affects you emotionally, even though it may not even be a reality!

I have had a short communication with one person over a certain topic. It has left me feeling very vulnerable and creating reasons in my mind for the initial communication. In my scenario its a practical issue but could be the result of Mike dying. Its a conversation I do not want to have and brings to the surface even the ‘F” word. Now I am annoyed because ‘it rents space in my mind’.  I think through the discussion and wonder how callous it would be. But then I dont even know what the conversation is about! Then I realise how the pain is so close to the surface, my lovely buddy who is no longer with me to share the snorkelling yesterday, or watch him diving or flipping……….

I know we are supposed to bring these things to God and give them to Him. I do that only to keep playing with it! So I can hear people telling me then I didnt really bring it to him! I think God must just smile at us some times and so long to show us the fullness of Himself and all He has for us.

2 Responses to Getting all worked up……………

  1. Rob says:

    Re-entry has been like that for me over the past week. Bringing to the surface so many worries and anxieties about things that have not and may not happen. The bible tells us to pray, give thanks and then receive peace! Not quite that easy 😦

    This sermon has helped me this week

    Still praying for you Mark.


  2. rachel mcdonough says:


    I cannot even find the words that sufficiantly scream¨, I know exactly what you mean!
    We´re right in that place at this moment, waiting for a conversation to take place in reality and yet whilst waiting, due to some comments made, we are constantly getting worked up over and over again in our minds.
    We bore our selves with the sickly feeling we can create in our stomachs, mulling over outcomes that don´t even exist.
    In moments of relief God clears our minds and moves us on, than as instantly as it left we are back to working our selves up again.

    I often feel God heartly laughing in those moments, picking me up on his knee like a todler and calming me down saying, when you´re a big girl, one day you´ll understand how not to have tantrums. I thank him for his laughter as its the biggest tension breaker i know of.

    Keep writing, it blesses my socks off.
    Love to Kathy and the girls,
    Rachel McDonough
    (laughing deeply in Honduras)

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