In Remembrance of you Mike

I’m flying out to Logos Hope in Antigua. In 2008 around the same time of year, I made this same trip. Like today, I was sitting in Garfunkel’s having breakfast when I received a phone call from my boss to tell me Dave Thomas, had died during the night. I was supposed to meet the ship in St Lucia, so I jumped on a small Liat inter-island plane to Antigua. When I arrived, the ship was closed to the public ready to sail but until the coroner had released Dave’s body we would not be moving.

 When Mike was embarking on the ship in Holland, Kathy, Laura and I took him to a diving shop. Well you cannot go to the Caribbean without flipper, snorkel and mask!

 I asked the Captain if I could get Mike off work for the afternoon and I took him to English Harbor where he could do some snorkeling. What a great time we both had. Well guess what I have packed, yeap and I have already told the ship I will not be around the day after we arrive! Mike had his first beer with me there, so I intend to snorkel, then fill the snorkel with beer and rather than enjoy a yard of ale, (a British tradition) I will have a snorkel of beer!

Mike in Antigua

One Response to In Remembrance of you Mike

  1. akilaknight says:

    Awww… I’m sure you’re gonna have an awesome time. Wish I could be there too!!!

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