Not all endings are bad

May 27, 2010

Laura celebrates her last official day at school

I am so happy to be home to celebrate with Laura her last official day of High School. It makes me realise afresh that not all endings are sad. It is good to make merry and find opportunities to be festive over events. Laura wanted a little barbecue and set up a tent for a sleep over. Mmm not in Carlisle! 15 degrees and lots of showers today. No worries we improvise.

The Bucket List

May 23, 2010

Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicolson, play two older men who become friends as they lie in hospital beds, both with terminal illness.  They make a list of ‘desires’, activities they would like to experience before they die, before they ‘kick the bucket’.

I read a poem recently in which one line said “Eat, drink and be merry, because tomorrow you will live”! The writer of the original line used the word ‘die’ instead of ‘live’. 

So why wait until we know we may die, why be motivated by death? We all have both a destiny and a destination. I more aware than ever before in eternal death and eternal life, our destination.  Our destiny is our God given purpose for being on the planet. What has God got for my life? I am no longer unsure or sitting on the fence on this one. Each one of us needs to find that destiny. I dont want to get to the end and wonder ‘did I live the life God had for me’?

My Destiny!

 I want to LIVE, embrace life, risk all, live for the moment, create the moment, include others in those moments, go for it, just do it. I dont be inhibited by rejection by those who choose to say ‘no thankyou’ when I try to talk to them about their destination.

I dont want to lie there at the end and think about a ‘bucket list’. I want to lie there and smile at all those awsome moments, momemts with me & God, moments with me and family, moments with me and friends. I am looking foward to not just hearing “Well done, Good and Faithful Servant” but “King Dosser, the man who walked with God and and lived, really lived”!

Getting all worked up……………

May 21, 2010

Can you relate to times where you get all worked up about something that is as yet not a reality in the physical but is conjured up in your mind and becomes an issue that affects you emotionally, even though it may not even be a reality!

I have had a short communication with one person over a certain topic. It has left me feeling very vulnerable and creating reasons in my mind for the initial communication. In my scenario its a practical issue but could be the result of Mike dying. Its a conversation I do not want to have and brings to the surface even the ‘F” word. Now I am annoyed because ‘it rents space in my mind’.  I think through the discussion and wonder how callous it would be. But then I dont even know what the conversation is about! Then I realise how the pain is so close to the surface, my lovely buddy who is no longer with me to share the snorkelling yesterday, or watch him diving or flipping……….

I know we are supposed to bring these things to God and give them to Him. I do that only to keep playing with it! So I can hear people telling me then I didnt really bring it to him! I think God must just smile at us some times and so long to show us the fullness of Himself and all He has for us.

Grief Isolates

May 18, 2010

What a privilege to be on Logos Hope in Antigua, St Kitts and soon Dominica.  I am here physically, but emotionally its a very mixed time. I find I am isolated. How strange when there are 400 people who are all incredibly friendly. Why does grief isolate? Grief has the ability to control my emotions. Why can I not control them? I find the capacity of the emotional bank drains very quickly. Solitude is not only safe but allows time to process and recharge. 400+ people living on a ship in community gives great opportunity for the petty to become primary. I cannot handle the petty, I want to shout “you may be dead tomorrow, get real and live to the full”.

Its a lot of fun to be known as Akila’s dad. She was once known as Mark’s daughter. Wonderful to see our kids establishing their own identity. I am aware a number of them would like to talk. I have been thinking how to share our story in an appropriate way. My first choice is not to stand in front of the community. They also have a busy programme on the ship. If I was at home, I would have a gathering around our fire pit, so I am thinking to find a beach close to the ship in Dominica and invite the ship people to my fireside chat after 9pm.

We never know when we may be under attack!

Create the moment!

May 13, 2010

Nice Straw!

Buddy, I could not resist finding Jolly Beach and creating a precious moment to think of you. I know your dad is weird and embarrass you and your sisters all over the world with my silly antics, but this is where you and I had a great afternoon out 2 years ago and I had to find a special way to celebrate that memory. I love you buddy and am so proud to be your dad.

I lifted Mike

May 12, 2010

I lifted Mike up from Kathy as he was wrapped in a sheet and blanket. The lovely new smell of a baby. Very proud to have a boy. I carried him around the room for a few minutes introducing myself to him! Kissing that little bit of hair, his soft skin on his face.  Hello Mike.

How strange to lift him now, lifeless off the bed onto the floor. I did not want to look at him, I hated that look on his face and lips. I didnt want to see him like that. I couldnt kiss him now, its too horrible. How could Kathy and Laura sit with him? How could Kathy kiss him?

With my friends and family, I lifted him in the box. I could not see him now, I trust he is in there. We lowered him in the ground and walked away. Good bye Mike.

Hello Mike

In Remembrance of you Mike

May 11, 2010

I’m flying out to Logos Hope in Antigua. In 2008 around the same time of year, I made this same trip. Like today, I was sitting in Garfunkel’s having breakfast when I received a phone call from my boss to tell me Dave Thomas, had died during the night. I was supposed to meet the ship in St Lucia, so I jumped on a small Liat inter-island plane to Antigua. When I arrived, the ship was closed to the public ready to sail but until the coroner had released Dave’s body we would not be moving.

 When Mike was embarking on the ship in Holland, Kathy, Laura and I took him to a diving shop. Well you cannot go to the Caribbean without flipper, snorkel and mask!

 I asked the Captain if I could get Mike off work for the afternoon and I took him to English Harbor where he could do some snorkeling. What a great time we both had. Well guess what I have packed, yeap and I have already told the ship I will not be around the day after we arrive! Mike had his first beer with me there, so I intend to snorkel, then fill the snorkel with beer and rather than enjoy a yard of ale, (a British tradition) I will have a snorkel of beer!

Mike in Antigua

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