Very proud of my girls


If you are a parent like me, you have a love hate relationship with social networking technology. Laura has her computer on when doing her home work or revision. She is listening to music, using MSN, typing into Facebook and texting in Skype. My problem is that she is expected to get A*’s is most of her exams with the odd A or B, so what can I say! But besides all that, its a wonderful tool for me to know what is going on inside their heads and lives.
 Akila’s blog reveals the wonderful depth and scope of her character.  Kathy & I are privileged that the girls enjoy talking and it would appear no subject is off-limits, much to my embarrassment! I love it when Akila comes in and says “lets play a game” or “can we go for a family walk”?


I am so proud of them both for who they are. Both of them have a big heart for people and the world around them.
As I watch them grapple and struggle through the loss of their brother, I am so thankful for the depth of love I now see they had for Mike. As parents you notice more the sibling fighting as they grow up. I find it pleasing to me soul to understand just how deep Akila’s love for Mike is. The pain she is experiencing at accepting that her life was mid way through a sentence when he died. Mike had been a part of her story until that point. The rest of the book is being written without him knowing the plot or characters. That’s so painful for her.


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