London Book Fair

Well its time to venture out of the safety of my hole! I havent been to the London Book Fair for about 7 years, not since I passed the Literature Department job over to John Satterly. With the pace of development of the e-book, I want to have a look at where the book industry is heading and the speed at which those in the trade think it is moving.

Imagine visiting one of our ships with a very reduced selection of physical books, because publishers now only produce them in digital form.

A book that hit the headlines many years ago “Who moved the Cheese” is very relevant in these days of fast change. Wish my weight would shift a little faster, but lost 8 kilos, 1 stone, 17 pounds  in two weeks. My goal is 22 kilos. Lots or running, cycling, no booze, little food…..burn more than I put in!


One Response to London Book Fair

  1. Sally Knight says:

    Well done with the weight loss. Met a pig on Saturday (yes, a REAL one, not Chris) that weighed 61 stone! Will be putting pic on Facebook in due course.
    Sal x

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