Another word added to my favorites

I wonder if like me you have favorite words. Some of mine are ‘passion’ ‘synergy’ ‘focus’ ‘momentum’. I want to add a new one that is becoming increasingly helpful; ‘ultimately’.

We are conditioned to operate and be constrained by ‘time’. Time is an ever increasing commodity that in the West great value is placed on. Just ask for a tradesman to come outside of 9-5, mon-fri and you will soon agree with me! Time to us is often meant as ‘my time’ ‘ or ‘in the period I think it should be’ and lets be honest it really means now!

We now eat food products that go from sowing to harvest in shorter time periods than years ago. Reward is not seen as healthy nutritional tasty food, but economic gain. We are loosing patience with the time of process.

We also seem to see our time on earth as a separate story to our time in heaven rather than a continuum. We want healing now, we want restoration now, we want happiness now, we want peace now.

Ultimately we will be healed, Ultimately we will be raised from the dead, Ultimately we will know Him as we are known, Ultimately we will understand, Ultimately we will have peace………….

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