Nearly but not quite there!

I’m leaving later today for London, ready to fly out to our awesome OM Ships office in Florence, South Carolina, to help with the Book Fair systems. So I ended up getting a very early night only to wake from a dream at 1am, hence its now 03:40 and I’m typing!

As of yet I have not had a dream about Mike or including Mike. I have wondered when that would happen. I came frustrating close last night as the dream was about all of us being away from the house in separate locations. Mike was supposed to be returning a couple of days before us and I returned a couple of days before the rest of the family. Well to my frustration, he was not back. I met Kathy on the street the day she had returned and mentioned Mike was not around, only for her to say, he was at the house now and she had seen him. Whilst I was on my way to the house I woke up!!

If any of you wise people think there is a message in that, feel free to share it. I think I will just take some slipping pills next time  to make sure I stay asleep so I can see Mike!

My Buddy and Me


2 Responses to Nearly but not quite there!

  1. Rita says:

    Reminded me of a friend who is dying of a brain tumor, surrounded by loving family. She, and therefore all, always refer to heaven as her ‘final home’. Mike is in his final home, the house specially prepared by the Father for him (music studio and all?)

  2. Mark Knight says:

    Amen to that Rita

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