Mike’s Bible Case

When my dad died there was really only one item I wanted and that was his Bible. This was the same with Mike. I have fond memories of him getting out of the car Mikes Bible Itemson a Wednesday evening and walking down a small alley towards his church for Bible Study. He kept all his items in a Jean Bible case we have made in the Philippines for the ships. Well we could not find it in his room. We thought he must have given it away as we did find a newer youth Bible. Laura came home this week and said “hey dad, guess what? Isiah found Mike’s Bible at church”. So it was with great delight that I opened the case and looked at the treasures within!

I found this printed paper with Psalm 61: 1-5 in there. Not sure where it came from or how long its been there. Wonder if he prayed through it “I long to dwell in your tent forever”!

Mike 's Bible

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