Excuse me Officer, can you please remove your shoes?

Amazing what we sub-consciously muse over. I was vacuuming the stair’s yesterday and remembered the hours after Kathy phoned 999.

That week I had hired a carpet cleaner and cleaned every part of the house. How nice it was to see stains from Mike’s shoes especially disappear. His feet would never had a chance to get wet in rain. Those shoes had more McDonald’s fat on them than the chips he cooked! You can imagine how thoughtful he was in making sure he took them off before going up stairs, yea right!

I watched this large Policeman come through the front door as I am sitting in the lounge and notice his large shoes. I thought ” oye, get them off, I just cleaned”. That morning I watched 12 different people walk all over my nice clean carpet.akila photoshoot

Akila is soooo gorgeous, Fitzy she is a 10 cow woman!

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