Dad isn’t it embarassing!

WelcomeI had in my mind to have a large WELCOME HOME AKILA banner for her to see us with when she walks through the arrivals at Newcastle Airport today. One of my motto’s in life is that “Process is as important as outcome and often it determines the outcome”. My relationship with Mike had that motto splattered all over it. So it was with great fun that Laura and I made this. What you cannot see is that it started to drizzle and I stood there with a large garden umbrella over her! She remembered back when she was 4 and I took all three kids away in the caravan. We were out walking when the heavens opened. We stood under a large Oak tree but were drenched. She fell asleep in my arms enjoying the warmth of my body. I packed up the caravan and headed home afraid the kids would get sick from all the damp etc.

Laura said “Dad this will be totally embarassing”, I agreed with her but mentioned that it will be such a lovely statement of our love and willing ness to look silly for Akila. She will remember that for the rest of her life. Without it, it will just be another arrival where mum and dad pick me up!

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