Watching a movie without you

Mike, I put on a movie, RV with Robbie Williams and looked over at the couch and you were not there laughing. When that was finished mum went up but it was still a bit early so I put on Mr Bean. You were not here to laugh with me. I remember all the times you would lie on the couch and laugh. Our humor was very similar. The girls dont get it! Its at times like this when I miss you.

Mike I miss you heaps. My mind has returned to normality. I was angry this morning that I took to work a picture I have made of the 4 of us. You are not in it. I dont want to accept that. Im not angry at you.

Akila is home in a couple of days. We will help her sort through many of her boxes for Uni, I am also hoping we can sort through your possessions. We can also decide on paint for your room. We decided to call it the “Pool room” after the movie “The Castle” but I notice we all call it Mikes Room!

Often wonder Mike if you are asleep in Christ, dancing, with the Cloud of Witnesses or what. Love you, Dad.

2 Responses to Watching a movie without you

  1. Bill says:

    We are still here, mate. Take care. B.

  2. Su Brown says:

    Be still for the power of the Lord♪
    Is moving in this place♫♪
    He comes to cleanse and heal♪♫
    To minister his grace♪
    No work to hard for him♫
    In faith receive from him♪
    Be still for the power of the Lord♫
    Is moving in this place♪♪

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