From 4 to 5 and back to 4

1988 we went from 2 (Kathy and I) to 3. I loved Akila so much I was concerned that my heart did not have the capacity to love number 2 child. Well out popped Mike in 1991 and I found the heart was fine! Then in 1994, little Laura came along. Friends had warned us that going from 2 kids to 3 was likely to have a noticable effect on the family dynamics. Actually, that was not the case. It was more like, we are doing this anyway and one more is no problem. 4 or 5 no worries, a bit more space needed in the car, another place at the table, hand me down cloths, no worries.

But boy is it a shock to go from 5 to 4. Wow its as though the whole family has fallen apart. Of course Akila is not in the house and so its just Kathy, Laura and I, but the psychological effect is very profound. We notice it in the food budget, the time allocation, the space in the house, our schedules, our energy, thinking through our future, it all seems so less complicated. Oh how I wish for that complication back again! I wonder if they can reverse the snip? Would Kathy like another baby!!!!!!mike LII

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