Is prayer to God a waste of time?

In the last days I have felt overwhelmed by emotion, especially when it comes to work.  I have relished the thought of working with a friend who has a tree lopping business. No people issues, not unless the tree falls on someones property! I have been unable to open emails or have any motivation to even think about work related issues. During the initial days after Mike died, Kathy and I did not feel  peoples prayers, we experienced the results.  I have found much comfort in the Psalms in recent weeks. David was certainly not afraid to tell God how he should behave! God was not upset at David for talking to Him like that. My stomach has had an emotional knot in it.

This morning I have woken and been able to look at emails and even answer some! Wimp, I feel myself say but I have to admit I have a new appreciation for those who suffer from M.E. THE KNOT IS GONE! The human is a complex being and I am aware that I have little control over the chemical balance that keeps me sane. I realise this is one day and tomorrow may be a low but its certainly good to be in the sunshine of life.

The darkness has lifted, I cannot explain,
One day its there, and causes me pain.
The next its gone and I find I can go on.
Its grey outside and offers no hope,
But my heart is light and I have my sight.
Its early days, so I must walk,
my tendency is to run and sqwark.
God is good and to Him I thank,
He heard my cry when I thought I sank.
To friends around who showed much care,
Thank you for being there.

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