Back home from USA and its weird

Kathy. Laura and I have been home 1 hour and it feels weird. We are taking down all the gazillion sympathy cards and unpacking. Both Kath and I would prefer to pack all of Mikes belonging up and move on, but we are determined to make sure in everything we do we include Akila and Laura. Akila is back on the ship for 1 month and then only home for 4 days before starting Uni. The house feels depressing and my initial emotion is I would like to move. There is so much of Mike here and it makes me miss him so much just walking back in. Whiskey, the cat, which was as a kitten Mikes, until Laura kidnapped her, has been in the house the last 24 hrs and left her pooh around, oh joy! Maybe that adds to the unpleasantness! One little tradition we started soon after Mike left us was to have his IPOD playing in his room. We were so used to noise coming out of there when he was here. Just looking at his photo makes it all feel so surreal again. dad1

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