Do I have a Son?

My friend lost his daughter in a drowning accident and I like the way he said “I have 4 daughters, 3 with me and one has gone on ahead”. When I heard him say that in public this year, sub consciously I thought if I was ever in that position I wonder what I would say and whether I would use his line. He phoned me shortly after Mike left us and I asked him about that statement. He said that dependent on the context and time available he had a couple of responses.

I have been thinking about this but not really come to a formulate agreement with myself. Then Kathy, the girls and I were in an art shop and in the discussion with the shop assistant; she asked if I had a son.

dad7The lady asks do I have a son,
Oh know its already begun.
All confused what do I say,
Do I lie to avoid the pain.
What happens if I have to explain?
My son has left and gone ahead,
Or is it easier to just say “he is dead”?
The words I hear in my head,
Is I have 2 girls here and a boy that’s gone ahead.

One Response to Do I have a Son?

  1. Rachel Page says:

    This is the second time today I’ve read through your blog, Mark, and the tears are just streaming down my face. My heart aches for you and Kathy and your girls. I’m praying for you often, thankful that our Heavenly Father has demonstrated His love and care in such a personal way as to put Mike’s favourite band in town.

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