After the Storm

When we arrived in Ocean City, Hurricane Bill was present. Although the eye of the storm was 350 miles out to see, the impact on this small New Jersey sea resort was profound. The mist and smell were annoying; the 2008 US$10 million sand project was all being washed out to sea. 3 days later, the scene had totally changed and we were enjoying blue skies. 90 degree temperatures and Atlantic City looked so close that you could walk there in 20 minutes.dad3

  After the storm
The storm has gone and now I can see,
The deep red sun rise out of the sea,
Porpoise slowly make their way,
Finding their food for another day.
Running and bikes along the deck,
Guys in the water catching the waves,
Donuts and Coffee queues at the stand.
And so LORD I know the storm is gone
And now life must go on,
Kids to feed, jobs to do,
Clearing up after the storm,
The landscape has changed
And never the same,
But Beautiful memories will remain.dad3a

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