God this is tooo much

If you go to http://www.youtube.com/1901mike or http://www.freewebs.com/guitarst4christ/index.htm you will see that Mikes favorite band is Kutless. We are here in Ocean City, New Jersey for a week. On the 25th we were cycling along the Broadwalk with Todd & Karen when we saw a sign for a Kutless concert that night on the pier. We talked to the lady at the box office and she said this is the first Christian concert being held there and its for one night only! Is God in the detail or what? We told her our story and she was in tears. We had with us Mike’s Celebration Service leaflet and a further news letter Kathy had send to our neighbours about Mike’s death and life. When we got to the hall there was only about 250 tickets sold and Todd tried to get back stage and meet these guys. When he did they arleady knew all about the Knight family and Mike’s story! What awsome guys. They are the real deal and want to meet up and share more about our lives and Mike. What does all this mean to us? Well how come we fly all this way and run into a little sea side town and the first Christian group happens to be the group that influenced Mike into Christian Rock and Worship? How come its such a small sell out that they have time for us both before and after. (The girls have loads of photos of them as the new groupies!) I just find this God of the Galaxy so personal that we are experiencing Him in the God of the Momement, God of the Detail.

dad 3

6 Responses to God this is tooo much

  1. Lisania says:

    God is so wonderful!
    I bless you today, dear friends. May God continue His shower of blessings to you, faithful ones.

  2. Rita Koch says:

    Through FB Lisania directed us to your blog.
    I had heard, don’t know how, the mention of Mike’s death, not the how.
    I read your blog going way back and became somewhat acquainted with your family and Mike, the musician. Heaven is the best college for worship music!
    I seemed to notice that God prepared you somewhat for what was to come, and am interested in reading the book you mentioned Transition.
    These last posts are precious evidence of His promised presence to the end and beyond!
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Kutless is a great band! I’m glad you are finding the treasure in the music Mike was digging. Keep praying for you guys. Blessings.

  4. Carolyn Beatty says:

    That is so amazing! I wonder what Mike would be thinking knowing you guys got to see his favourite band!!! Such an amazing and encouraging story. Thinking of you.

  5. rossy aguirre says:

    i will tell my daugther who´s 13 that band must be a good worship music choice,she heard About Mike, and she said
    mom, i want to worship God as well would you buy me a guitar?.

    i couldnt stop my tears, and answered sóftly, yes baby i will.

    Mike´s Life is touching a lot of people around the world
    thanks Knight Family.

  6. Cindy UK says:

    How amazing!!

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