Amazing God is at Ocean City, USA but I just left Him in Carlisle, UK

How come I was with God in Carlisle, get on a plane and fly to the USA and guess what, HE IS HERE!!!! I cannot escape His love, not that I want to. On Sunday, my birthday, Kathy and I were walking early morning along the Broadwalk here at Ocean City, New Jersey. Its a popular holiday destination for families with lots of the usual entertainment one would expect for this type of venue. I could not believe what I was hearing. A song Mike made a video of himself called “I am Free”. I have never heard it sung before and here was an informal Worship service being held for tourist. A girl with her guitar was singing Mike’s song! I heard the LORD wisper “happy B’day from Mike”! How cool is that.dad2 I am finding this God coincedence stuff rather amazing. We are here because our friends Todd and Karen booked a holiday house several months ago, for a time away with a bunch of people. All the others found their schedules over extended and dropped out. With a little aprehension they invited us. What a God thing it has been thus far for all of us. More than just time out. They too have experienced loss and are working though issues that we find very helpful to talk.

3 Responses to Amazing God is at Ocean City, USA but I just left Him in Carlisle, UK

  1. Su Brown says:

    Be still and know that I am God………….

  2. Su Brown says:

    Happy birthday for Sunday Mark with so much love

  3. Scott Richardson says:

    Hello, Mark,

    Just stopped by to read your blog. The writings I read are all very personal, so, a word of thanks for allowing us to take a moment and look into your thoughts!

    Never forget the great memories!

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