A Mothers Love

You say Hi with Pain, mike4You say Bye with Pain. I watched Kathy in agony give berth to Mike and wondered then how bizzare that a woman has to go through pain to bring life into the world. I watched Kathy sit and stoke Mikes eye brows and say goodbye with so much love and pain. Just like she and Mike had quiet moments when he came into the world, now she sat, just the two of them as he had left the world. Kathy would say often “im so very very proud of you Mike”. She loved looking at this big handsome fellow growing into a man. One of her favorite recent photo’s was of his back.mike5

Kathy knew Mike 9 months longer than I did. There are few words coming out her mouth, but I see the pain daily in her face at the loss of her dear boy whom she was so very very proud.

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