No Work, No email, No Mobile!

July 11, 2009

Well as the ship left London, it was a mad dash back to Carlisle to check out how the kids had trashed the house and get it strainght before Kathy arrived back the following day. It has been 8 years of blood, sweat and tears since we first anounced a replacement ship. What a glorious occasion to have the Logos Hope Launch Weekend there in London and bring closure to all that work and period. Then it was back to that old DOSSER I used to be…..what an earth happened?

So I decided to have a week off and sleep, not eat so much but enjoy the fine weather and some running again. Akila has also been home from Logos Hope and so a great opportunity for a rare family photo.

FamilyI have almost acheived my goal of no email or mobile but not quite! These old joints needed some oil to get them working, Kathy could not accept 3 year old grapes do that, spoil sport!

Off to Germany tomorrow so its a rude shock back to work.

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