Walk down memory lane

May 23, 2009

This weekend many old car, tractor, military etc enthusiasts came together in the park behind our house to enjoy the good old days.car1 Some stood out more than others, this cool Rolls Royce

car2A wedding car I think Akila would love to be taken to the church in.





car4An old petrol truck from Esso. What a long way we have come and sometimes you have to wonder is it all worth it. What did we loose along the way?  The owners of all these vehicles were caravaning in the park for the weekend. What a great sight tot see them all enjoying a barbecue and just “hang”.


May 17, 2009

stepsMy morning walk takes me past these steps in the park behind our house. Yesterday Mike was thrilled as his first cheque came through the door of GBP 200 towards the GBP3500 he needs for his studies. Another friend comitted to send him GBP50 a month for the 10 months he is at college. Many times I want to just be at the destination. Life isnt so kind! Its many steps and often all up hill. Why is that? I have to admit on a personal level I want the destination but not willing to make the hard work to climb there. So I think I will go and have another cooked breakfast and enjoy sitting on my decking!

Your God is too safe!

May 10, 2009

There I was thinking to get some time on a lilo on a nice Australian Beach and a wisper in my ear said ” Mark do you want an Adventure of Faith or a Life that is Safe? On lives in the REALITY of the Kingdom, the other in the CONCEPTS of the Kingdom, one is a Walk, the other a Talk”! So im not on a lilo, Im off to HQ in Germany for meetings with the leadership of OMSIn647100476_1826037_663. Kathy is on Logos Hope in Belfast hosting several from the OM’s Finance Committee.

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