Whose in Control

April 27, 2009

mike21My good buddy Mike and I were out walking around the rejuvinated docks of Leith when we came accross this wheel.

mike1It reminded me a bit of our lives. The human tendency is to drive ourselves. We some times think of God being ahead of us. The shepherd is often behind. Just a couple of neat pictures to contemplate to!

Asia Again

April 17, 2009

Travelling out to Doulos in Taiwan. Ian and I desperate to get internet connection find a suitable location in Hong Kong Airport. Ian and I first met on Logos and went throught the running aground of the Logos of the Southern tip of Chile.

wildfire1 Taiwan was the country where over 28,000 visitors came to the Doulos in one day!  We are here for 10 days hoping to accomplish much. In January a new Corporate Services manager started and its a great opportunity to help him settle in further. We have installed Cash Desks on Logos Hope in our Cafe that are integrated to our database, thus seeing we sold 1200 coffee’s in Edinburgh. We want to do the same on Doulos. This year is also a very tight budget and there is much need for communication as people do take a cut personally!

Queen’s Yacht, Kings Ship

April 16, 2009

Wolh-britaniaw what an amazing couple of weeks on Logos Hope in Edingburgh. So many God stories. She was berthed next to the Queen’s previous Yacht Britania. Many tourists when onboard to see how the Queen and her guest lived whilst sailing. When they visited Logos Hope, they encountered a totally different purpose. Deck 4 is our pupose build visitor Deck. One of the many opportunities I had on that deck was showing a Saudi and Iraninan around for a few hours and seeing them walk off the ship with a Bible. One of the big differences of Logos Hope is the ship is congenial for people to stay much longer and interact with the crew and staff.


trailorBrian and Sheena served on Doulos with us and (this is Kathy in the photo) and Brian wanted to help with our Help Ministry by Donating a super trailor for our teams to load up all their tools and supplies.

A busy week

April 5, 2009

dsc00268The Leadership Team of OM Ships spent two days in Carlisle for meetings before meeting with the Board on Logos Hope. We took the opportunity to visit several key ministries including OM’s OmniVision. What a priviledge to meet and pray with these tallented people who through their multi media skills communicate many messages.mark-stl 

I realise at times how much I miss working in the Literature Industry. We visited STL, the main office for STL-IBS, located in Carlisle. Buzzing around there and meeting many friends brought back many happy memories. These kind people gave a 100K gift for the outfitting of the Logos Hope Book Fair.

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