February 17, 2009

What a joy to work and fellowship with friends. Some of these chaps I have worked with on our ships for 30 years. They have known me single, as a couple, prayed at our dedication of our kids, been on the end of a phone when I needed council and enjoyed some great times all over the world. Here we are at our annual OM Leaders meetings in Brazil, sitting and whilst wrestling with huge organizational issues, taking time to just chil.


Do I make Space

February 14, 2009


I read a profound booklet on my trip out to Brazil. In the article the author was discussing the need for us to make space in our lives to listen. One of his comments, “what is the asset of a glass? its the space that is created” Before it can be filled, it first has to be emptied!  So when my fellow leaders turned up several hours late to our venue, I made use of the “space” and enjoyed sitting out and having time to just be!


Back to Brasil

February 11, 2009

Tomorrow its get up early and head off to Brasil via Amsterdam. I was first there in 1981 on the Doulos. What a vibrant country and the most awesome samba, meat and capariha’s! I did remember valantines day and brought Akila a cool present, a domain name, The day I get back its our anniversay so we are stealing 2 nights away.

Welcome to our site!

February 3, 2009

Thats my girl!

That’s my Laura!  She is either mad or tough, not sure which.

Well my fried Hans van Baaren has finally dragged me into the 21st centuary and Im trying to learn how to work this blog page. Lets see how I do over the next few weeks!

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